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Meadowdale Primary School



Our computing curriculum is based on the Rising Stars Switched on Computing Scheme. This scheme fully covers the requirements of the National curriculum and is sequenced to allow children to build on their knowledge as they progress throughout primary school. This covers:

  • word-process, make a spreadsheet and create and interrogate a database
  • search for information using the Internet • programme a controllable device, understand what an algorithm is and write simple programs
  • communicate with others through e-mail, simple presentations, film-making and pod-casting
  • use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly.

This scheme was selected as it has cross-curricular units and helps children to see how computing can be applied in a wide range of contexts. It also allows teachers to have the freedom to adapt the planning to suit individual needs and interests of the children whilst ensuring progressing is being made.

Online safety is taught through the Cambridgeshire Primary Personally Development Programme Scheme and Project Evolve. These two schemes cover a range of online safety which include: ·

  • Self-image and identity  
  • Online relationships 
  • Online reputation 
  • Online bullying 
  • Managing online information
  • Health, well-being and lifestyle
  • Privacy and Security 
  • Copyright and Ownership.

Curriculum Overview








Year 6

We are Gamers. 

Making a text based adventure game 

We are Computational thinkers 

Mastering algorithms 


We are Network Technicians  

Creating a short TV advert 

Year 5

We are game developers. 

Developing an interactive game 

We are bloggers. 

Sharing experiences and opinions 

We are artists. 

Fusing geometry and art 

We are cryptographers. 

Cracking codes 

We are web developers. 

Creating a website about cyber safety 

We are architects. 

Creating a virtual space 

Year 4

The Internet



-Safety and security

Audio Production


-Effective use of tools

-Creating media

Repetition in shapes




Data Logging


-Computing Systems

-Data and information

Photo Editing


-Effective use of tools

-Creating Media

Repetition in Games



-Data and information

Year 3

Connecting Computers



-Computer Systems

Stop Frame Animation


-Effective use of tools

-Creating Media

Sequencing sounds



-Design and Development

Branching Databases


-Data and Information

-Effective use of tools

Desktop Publishing


-Effective us of tools

-Creating Media

Events and Actions in Programs



-Design and Development

Year 2


We Are Astronauts  programming on screen 

We Are Games Testers 

Exploring how computer games work 

We Are Photographers 

Taking better photos 

We Are Researchers 

Researching a topic 

We Are Detectives 

Collecting clues 

We Are Zoologists 

Collecting data about bugs 


We are treasure hunters  

Tinkering with robots, using predictions and writing and debugging an algorithm (topic link - going on a journey/directions) 

We are TV chefs 

Writing, debugging and following an algorithm 


Computer keyboards    

Logging on to the school sytem 


We are painters 


We can drive (5) 

Making a roadway role play   


We can listen  (9) 

Using walkie talkies to communicate  

We have feelings (4) 

A digital presentation book  


We can understand messages (11) 

Listening and recording messages  

We are successful (3) 

Computer presentation to celebrate achievements   

We are creative (22) 

Digital art work   

We can observe (20) 

Making labels for photographs  


We are healthy (8) 

How to use the internet   

We are film producers (24) (video about FS)  

Using digital equipment to record