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Meadowdale Primary School



English is at the very heart of our curriculum; not only do the children have daily English lessons but they consolidate their skills across the whole curriculum. English is taught throughout the day in Foundation Stage and in Years 1 to 6 there is a dedicated lesson. Throughout the school, children develop their skills in spoken language, reading and writing.

Spoken Language:

Children are encouraged to listen attentively and respond to stories, poems and plays. They have many opportunities to discuss, explain and describes situations whilst taking in consideration points of view of others. They learn to use language in imaginative ways and to express their ideas and feelings through drama and through reciting poems and stories. We aim for all children to become confident and articulate speakers.



Our pupils acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes required for them to become fluent and confident readers. This enables them to read across a range of genres with a depth of understanding and to access learning across the whole curriculum.

  • Our engaging and challenging curriculum has been designed to ensure that children make excellent progress in all aspects of reading and is based upon the following principles:
  • A structured approach to the teaching of phonics in EYFS and Key Stage 1 is embedded using the Sounds Write programme.
  • Early reading books are phonically decodable at the appropriate level for each child. Independent reading books are organised so that teachers can closely match pupil’s books to their level of attainment.
  • All teaching of reading supports the development of children’s skills in word reading and comprehension with fluency acting as the critical bridge between the two.
  • Our carefully considered approach to reading closely relates to the EEF Literacy Guidance reports. ‘Reading bugs’ provide a framework for the teaching and learning of comprehension skills.
  • A structured approach to reading interventions across the school for lower attaining pupils uses echo reading to support the development of fluency.
  • Reading for pleasure pedagogies such as daily reading aloud and book discussions about high quality texts are embedded across the school.





At Meadowdale, we provide a rich, engaging English curriculum to develop confident writers. They write clearly, accurately and coherently in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences. We create confident writers who write with increasing stamina. Links are made across the curriculum to ensure that English learning is relevant and meaningful. 

  • Explicit links are made between reading and writing.
  • Grammar is embedded into the early parts of the teaching sequence in order for children to be able to choose grammatical structures to fit the style and purpose of writing.
  • We follow a structured approach to the teaching of handwriting through the Nelson Handwriting scheme. 
  • This progresses from the formation of single letters to developing a joined handwriting style. 
  • In Key Stage 1 the Soundswrite programme supports children in their development towards accurate age appropriate spelling. 



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