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Meadowdale Primary School



In History the children learn about events of importance to them, the immediate past and the distant past. Books, newspapers, objects, photographs, ICT, specialist history visitors and visits all help them to learn about life in the past. In Key Stage 1 the children will learn about different aspects of everyday life in the past, e.g. transport, local history, the Great Fire of London and castles. During Key Stage 2 they will be taught about important developments in Britain’s past from Roman to modern times, and also about ancient civilisations and local history.

The children have a number of themed days where they dress up in the costume of the period being studied and experts come into school to lead the activities.

We aim to systematically develop the understanding of identified historical themes and enable children to make connections across, and within, historical periods. Historical skills are taught and developed throughout the school, for example working chronologically, using/selecting sources as evidence, asking questions, identifying differences and similarities, identifying different interpretations and possible reasons for these etc.


History Curriculum Overview

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 1       Travel and Trains



George Stephenson, Thomas Cook.


Invention of the locomotive and development of the railway system

  Local area – Market Harborough
Year 2 Famous People and events


Christopher Columbus

Neil Armstrong

World War One - Remembrance

  The Great Fire of London.


How did the Great Fire of London start? Why did the fire spread so quickly? How did people try to put out the great fire?



Where were they built? Parts of a castle? Why were they built? (Normans) Link to Warwick Castle


Year 3 Ancient Egypt


- Time line and geography

- Physical features of Egypt

- Climate and seasons

- Religion

- Mummification

- Weighing of the Heart ceremony


Anglo Saxons


- Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots

- the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor

-Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots

-the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor

Year 4 Stone Age


Late Neolithic hunter-gatherers and early farmers, for example, Skara Brae, Bronze Age religion, technology and travel, for example, Stonehenge, Iron Age hill forts: tribal kingdoms, farming, art and culture

  The Romans



The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain



Year 5 Mini – Unit


History of space flight and history of Neil Armstrong


    The Aztecs


Who were the Aztecs and when did they live?


Local History Topic – Richard III


To investigate how archaeology can help us find out more about the past.





Year 6 Mini Unit


Top twenty! A timeline of exploration through history – key people and events


Mini Unit - Explorers

· Study of an explorer from the past

· Life on board the Endurance



Ancient Greek life, culture, gods, conflict