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Meadowdale Primary School



History Curriculum Overview:



Children visiting a castleWe aim to systematically develop the understanding of identified historical themes and be able to make connections across, and within, historical periods. Pupils will have secure knowledge of the chosen units and be able to use a range of age-appropriate historical skills.  

Historical themes are the threads that run through/across different topics, for example monarchy, tyranny, invasion, sources & evidence etc.   Connections is making the links within a given period, and as knowledge/skills develop in KS2 being able to draw links to different periods studied with the historical themes in mind.  Secure knowledge is what underpins it all, and together with explicit teaching, KOs and retrieval practice this will be achieved.  Historical skills will be taught and developed throughout the school, for example working chronologically, using/selecting sources as evidence, asking questions, identifying differences & similarities, identifying different interpretations & possible reasons for these etc.