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Meadowdale Primary School



This week the children have learned to segment and blend with the spellings/graphemes ‘ee’ and ‘igh’ and learned the tricky word ‘are’.
Next week the children will be learning the spelling ‘oa’, for example ‘boat’ and ‘road’. They will also learn the spelling ‘oo’ which has two sounds, boot/food/soon and look/book/took. We will also teach the tricky word ‘my’. Our work on segmenting words with four or more sounds will continue.
Please continue to support your child with letter formation at home. The letters a, d, g, p, h, m and n tend to be the ones that they find most tricky. To reach a ‘good level of development’ by the end of the school year, the children need to form letters correctly and so we want to break any incorrect habits as soon as possible.
Thank you for your ongoing support with reading and writing at home.
This week, the children have explored the number 15, used a number line to add and explored cubes and cuboids. Next week they will continue with number 16 and learn about spheres and cylinders. We have noticed that many children are reversing numbers when writing them. Therefore, we are also going to have a big focus on number formation next week. We have sent out a home activity today to support this learning.
Please continue to support your child to recognise and order numbers to 20 as having this as an automatic skill will support all of their maths learning.
This week the children have completed their science experiment and a guided write. They have also created line drawings inspired by the artist Paul Klee. Next week the children will complete a guided read and add shading to their line drawings.
Thank you for the junk modelling materials, please continue to send these in!
Thank you to the families of the Bees groups for choosing a book for ‘Book and Tell’. Next week it will be the Dragonflies group.