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Meadowdale Primary School



Now that the children know the sounds for the single letter spellings (graphemes), we will be starting to introduce digraphs. This is where two letters together represent one sound. For example, this week we have taught the ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ sounds. The word ‘ship’ has three sounds sh – i – p and the word chat also has three sounds ch – a – t. Next week, we will teach ‘th’ and ‘ck’.
The sounds for the spelling (grapheme) ‘th’ can be voiced in two different ways -
1. that – this – them
2. thin – path – moth
We are also going to be challenging the children to read and write words with four or five sounds. Distinguishing the sounds in these longer words can be a challenge so we hope that you will be able to support this learning at home.
This means that we have two focuses in our phonics and literacy lessons this term – digraphs and words with four or five sounds. It is so important for children to consolidate the reading skills taught in school when they are at home. Therefore, the children will now bring home two reading books on a Tuesday and two on a Friday. One of these books will focus on reading with digraphs and the other will focus on reading words with four or five sounds. The three, four and five sound focus books run from unit 1 to 10 and the digraph focus books run from 11 to 15. We hope that you will be able to help your child to read both of these books before the next book change day. Please ask Miss Brown or Miss Edwards if you have any questions about this.
This week the children have learned the tricky word ‘was’ and next week they will learn the tricky word ‘said’. Please keep revisiting our tricky words at home. Remember that they are listed in the front of the reading journals.
The children have enjoyed reading Kipper’s Diary this week and writing their own diary entries. It was lovely to see that many children had made their own diaries during the Christmas break.
This week, the children have explored the number 11, used a number line to add and began to use the language to describe length (long, short, longer, shorter, longest, shortest). Please continue to support your child to recognise and order numbers to 20 as having this as an automatic skill will support all of their maths learning.
Thank you for helping your children to complete their Christmas Holiday home activity. The children have enjoyed sharing these with their teachers and friends. If you haven’t yet sent the activity into school, please do so as soon as you can as sharing photos, drawings and notes is a lovely experience for the children.
Next week the children will have the opportunity to complete balance bike training. Small groups will take turns over each morning.
Thank you for the junk modelling materials, please continue to send these in!
Thank you to the families of the Bees groups for choosing a book for ‘Book and Tell’. Next week it will be the Dragonflies group.