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Meadowdale Primary School



This week in Year 1 we have had a lovely first week back. The children have come back refreshed and ready to learn and have enjoyed being back into the routine of school.

In maths, we have been learning our numbers to 100 and we will continue to do this throughout the next few weeks. We are learning this by thinking about the place value of numbers e.g. 65 has 6 tens and 5 ones, one more than and one less than each number to 100 and comparing different numbers within 100 e.g. do we think 67 or 27 is bigger?

In English, we are learning to write stories. We have been learning how to describe different characters using adjectives. We have also been trying to use our imagination to think of an interesting storyline. Children often find this challenging to think of their own ideas and so at home, it would be really helpful if children could try and use their imagination to make up stories about different characters and scenarios. This is really beneficial to do both orally and verbally.

In topic, we will begin learning about the United Kingdom. We will start this by learning about what each of the countries are and where they are on the map. We will be learning about the capital cities in the UK and also the different seas surrounding it.

In phonics, we will be learning how the same spellings can make different sounds in words with a focus on the m/oo/n and b/oo/k sounds and the <ou> spelling that makes the /ow/ , /u/ and m/oo/n sounds. So, for the m/oo/n spelling, we will look at words like balloon and bloom and for the b/oo/k spelling we will look at words such as foot and good. For the <ou> spelling, we will look at words such as cloud, cousin and soup. As ever, you are most welcome to contact us with how best to support your child with their phonic learning.