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Meadowdale Primary School



Happy New Year to you all and welcome back!
The children have settled back into the routine well and have been working hard all week.
For our English lessons, we are temporarily grouping the children across the year group with the aim of ensuring that all children are making the progress that we expect. Miss Moss and I will continue to plan together and deliver the same curriculum to all children but grouping this way enables us to extend and support as necessary.
We have all been reading the story The Twits this week and have written descriptions about Mr Twit. We have also thought of any advice that we could give them to make them nicer to each other! We had some interesting ideas!
In maths, we have continued with our work on multiplication and have been learning to count in groups of 3. We have sent an activity home with your child that supports this learning.
In phonics, the children have ben learning to spell the words would, could and should. They have also been reading and spelling contraction words and are beginning to understand the use of the apostrophe.
Next week we will; be continuing our work on The Twits in English and will be writing a description of the Roly Poly bird. We are trying to ensure that all children are able to write sentences that make sense and are correctly punctuated.
In maths, we will be identifying and describing 2D shapes and will also be thinking about lines of symmetry.
Other Information
We have PE on a Wednesday and a Friday so please can you make sure that your child has their kit at school on these days. Girls who wear tights also need a pair of socks in their bags to change into.
Could we also please ask that your child brings a water bottle to school? Lots of children have been forgetting them this week!