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Meadowdale Primary School




This week the children have learned to segment and blend with the spellings/graphemes ‘oa’ and ‘oo’ and learned the tricky word ‘my’. After half term we will teach ‘ar’ and ‘or’ and the tricky word ‘they’.

Thank you for working on letter formation at home. We have seen big improvements in handwriting recently.

Please also continue to revisit the tricky words listed on the front page of the purple reading journals. We have now taught I, to, the, no, go, into, was, she, he, be, we, me, have, said, you, are, my.

We have now also looked at the spellings sh, ch, th, ng, qu, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo. It would really help the children to revisit these over the half term break. This can be made into a game, for example, snap, bingo or hunt for the word. As with letter formation, if the skill of linking the spelling to the sound becomes quick and automatic, the children can focus on blending and segmenting when reading and writing.


This week, the children have explored the number 16 and learned about cylinders and spheres. After half term, the children will explore the number 17 and the concept of doubling.

Please continue to support number formation at home. On Friday we will send home number cards to 20 which the children can cut out and use to practise recognition and ordering. There is no need to return these number cards to school, they are to use at home.


In Literacy, we have looked at a non-fiction text about polar bears. The children have had a great go at writing their own facts about polar bears.


The children have enjoyed completing their line drawings this week by adding shading. They have also had a great go at reading some challenging books in guided reading.

On Friday, you will find a new home activity in bags. We would like to challenge the children to think about why and how people’s lives were different in the past. Therefore, we are inviting the children to talk to parents, grandparents, neighbours and friends to learn about what life was like for them when they were 4 and 5 years old. The children may find out about the toys they would play with, how their houses looked or what clothes they would wear. We hope that you will help your children to record this in some way. For example, they may find some old photographs, they may draw their own picture about what they have learned or they may tell an adult about what they have learned for the adult to write down. We will have lots of discussions with the children about their findings over the first couple of weeks back.


Thank you for the junk modelling materials, please continue to send these in!

Thank you to the families of the Dragonflies groups for choosing a book for ‘Book and Tell’. After half term, it will be the Butterflies group.

The children have been fantastic this half term! It’s brilliant to see how inquisitive they are when learning and they like to try their best. We hope that the children can have a good rest next week, they definitely deserve it! We will look forward to hearing about the fun when back at school.