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Meadowdale Primary School



The children have had a great week this week. We have finished learning about the last country in the UK, Northern Ireland. We have had great fun recreating the landmark of the big fish in Belfast and next week we will be rounding off our topic by learning about the seas around the United Kingdom.

In maths, we have been learning different methods of how to add within 20. We have used 100 squares, manipulatives (such as cubes, dienes and counter), counting on and drawing representations such as dots to help us with our calculations. Next we we will be moving on to subtracting within 20 and will learn about the different methods we can use for that. Each day we have been challenging the children to a 2 minute challenge

In phonics, we will be learning the /ar/ sound. The spellings are /al/, /a/, /au/ and /ar/.

In English, we have been reading the book of Finn MacCool and have had a great time pretending to be boastful giants by using the -er suffix to make adjectives more powerful. E.g. strong – stronger, nice – nicer and smart – smarter. Next week we will be reading The Gruffalo and will be focusing on adjectives and forming sentences that make sense and have the correct punctuation.