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Meadowdale Primary School



This week, we have been working really hard on our Remembrance topic and have been reading the story of the Christmas Truce. The children imagined that they were soldiers fighting in the trenches in WWI and have written letters home to their families describing the Christmas Day Truce of 1914. We have also watched the 2014 Sainsburys advert to engage the children further.
In phonics, we have continued to look at adding suffixes on the end of words. We have investigated two new rules: changing the y to an I and adding -ed and dropping the e and adding -ed.
In maths, we have been carrying on partitioning numbers and working on problem solving skills.
Next week, we will be thinking about the poem Ten Things in a Wizard's Pocket and writing our own poems based on an astronaut. In maths, we will be adding 2 digit numbers together and introducing the expanded column method.
We still have lots of lost property in the cloakroom, so if you've lost something please check there! We are beginning to learn our songs for the Christmas assembly on the 16th and 17th December. We have asked the children who would like to have a speaking part and these will be sent home once we have finalised this.