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Meadowdale Primary School



This week we have started our topic about The Great Fire Of London and the children are very excited to find out more!
Our English work has included generating noun phrases about London and how it may have looked in 1666.
We tried to watch a video clip that shows the streets of London but unfortunately our system needs updating in order to watch it properly. Please click the following link if your child would like to watch it at home...
If you fast forward the clip to about 45 seconds and watch from there then you will miss the glimpse of what appears to be a body or skeleton. It's not too squeamish but thought I'd mention it incase your child may get upset!
Next week the children will be thinking about questions that they have about the fire and will explore how they can find out the answers.
In maths we have been looking at 2D shapes and have been learning the related vocabulary - vertices, edges, symmetry, horizontal and vertical.
We will be learning about money next week and will be exploring how to make an amount using different combinations of coins.
We still have a Christmas jumper in Beech class - it is red with Rudolph on it! If you think this is your child's then please come and collect. If it isn't claimed then we will pass it on to the MSA.