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Meadowdale Primary School




This week the children have been looking at where we might use the spellings ‘ll’, ‘ss’, ‘zz’ and ‘ff’ within words.  We have also looked at the tricky word ‘be’.  During the first week back after Christmas, we will look at the sounds ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ and also the tricky word ‘was’.  When reading at home, please continue to encourage your child to ‘think’ the sounds to read rather than speak them and also have conversations about the meaning of what they have read. 


After Christmas, we will look at the book ‘Kipper’s Diary’.  This will allow us to introduce the idea of a diary to the children and we will be supporting them to use their phonics skills to write their own diary entry.  If your child is keen to write over the holidays, they could try writing simple sentences to create a diary of their Christmas fun!  Please send any writing in to school so that we can celebrate the children’s efforts.


This week, the children have explored the number 10.  After Christmas, we will look at number 11, continue our work on addition using a number line and begin to look at the language used to describe length (long, short, longer, shorter, longest, shortest).  Please continue to support your child with using a number line to add. 


During the week beginning 13th January, the children will have the exciting opportunity to learn how to ride a balance bike.  Look out for more information about this during the first week back at school after Christmas.

We are also in need of junk modelling materials again.  We hope that you will be able to collect these items for us over Christmas. 

Thank you to the families of the Ladybirds groups for choosing a book for ‘Book and Tell’.  First week back after Christmas, it will be the Bees group.

Wow, what a busy term it has been!  We are so proud of our kind, curious and motivated learners!  Thank you so much to all our families for your positivity and ongoing support with learning at home.

Thank you for your kind cards and gifts, we are very lucky teachers!  We hope that you have a great Christmas break full of happy times together.