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Meadowdale Primary School



We are so proud of the children for rising to the challenge in phonics recently. This week they have learned to segment and blend with the digraphs ‘wh’ and ‘ng’ and learned the tricky word ‘have’. We have also talked to them about the word ‘says’ as we know that this word is coming up frequently in their reading books.
Next week the children will be learning the digraphs ‘qu’ and ‘ai’. They will be blending and segmenting words such as quiz, quick, sail and rain. We will also teach the word ‘you’ and talk about the words ‘give’ and ‘live’ as again these will soon be coming up in reading books.
We will continue with our work on writing CVCC words. Today we have sent home a new writing activity where the children can write the word for the picture. As before, you may need to help your child to separate the sounds in the word (especially the last 2) by stretching out the word for them. Please encourage your child to form the letters correctly and do revisit any letters they do not form correctly. The words this week are tank, tusk, sink, ramp, hump, wind, film, list, land, soft, hunt, bend.
Please also spend some time with your children to ensure that they are able to form letters correctly. The letters a, d, g, p, h, m and n tend to be the ones that they find most tricky. To reach a ‘good level of development’ by the end of the school year, the children need to form letters correctly and so we want to break any bad habits as soon as possible.
We are so pleased to see that nearly all of the children are reading both reading books at home. We are so proud of the children’s progress and visitors to our classroom often tell us that they are impressed by the standard of the children’s reading. Well done our Foundation Stage stars, keep going!
Our book for this week has been ‘Here come’s Jack Frost’. Next week our literacy work will be based on the book ‘Little Penguins.’
This week, the children have explored the number 13, used a number line to add and began to use the language to describe weight (heavy, light, heaviest, lightest, heavier, lighter). Please continue to support your child to recognise and order numbers to 20 as having this as an automatic skill will support all of their maths learning.
The children have completed a guided write and completed their models this week. Next week, they will be completing a guided read, working in small groups with their teacher to solve addition number problems and explore freezing and melting.
It is STEM week next week! This stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. As well as experimenting with freezing and melting in the classroom, the children will have the opportunity to listen to outside speakers. On Friday, the children will be involved with a fun workshop programming spheros robots to paint. All of this fun may get quite messy so we are asking if you could please send in some old clothes that you do not mind your child getting paint on. Please put these in a named bag by Friday.
Thank you for the junk modelling materials, please continue to send these in!
Thank you to the families of the Butterflies groups for choosing a book for ‘Book and Tell’. Next week it will be the Ladybirds group.