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Meadowdale Primary School



Next week is STEM week across the school and we have some exciting activities for our Year 1's involving science experiments, DT, robot painting, unplugged computing, working with the ipads and constructing marshmallow towers. On Tuesday, the children will be designing their own London landmark and making them out of junk modelling materials. The children can choose from the following: Big Ben, the Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Tower or London Bridge. Please could you send some junk materials in with your child (e.g. cereal boxes, cardboard tubes etc) and talk to them about which model they would like to make.

This week in English the children have been writing short narratives about Katie's trip to London. We have started some writing in the past tense e.g. changing 'look' to 'looked' or 'walk' to 'walked'.

In phonics, we have been learning all of the different ways to spell the /s/ sound. We will continue this next week.

In maths we have been learning about length and using appropriate vocabulary for comparative language such as longer and shorter. We will continue to learn about measurement, focusing on capacity.

Please can we ask you to remind your child to change their books regularly. Our expectation is that the children

read their books every day at home for 10 minutes. Most children will need to change their books three times a week, but if they are reading turquoise books or beyond this might be less frequent as the books take longer to read.


As part of STEM week, the children will be working with RS Components on Friday morning. Please can they bring in some old clothes and an apron in a named bag.