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Meadowdale Primary School



We've had a super exciting week this week in Year 2! We have really enjoyed getting our teeth into our STEM problem for the week. We learnt what an engineer was and then designed solutions to problems in different countries. We looked at the problem of flooding in Bangladesh and thought about how we could help the people in Bangladesh to continue growing crops even during flooding. The children designed and tested floating gardens. We are going to use our gardens to grow cress in in the next few weeks. You will get the opportunity to have a further look at our STEM week project on Parent's Evening as we will put these out for display in the corridor. We've also had a couple of very exciting visitors in to talk about their jobs in STEM which the children loved.
We have continued to work on money this week in Maths as well as continue our work on the Great Fire of London. The children have been investigating why the Great Fire of London spread so quickly. We have also been working on the conjunction "if" and using this in sentences about the Great Fire of London.
Next week, we will be looking at division in Maths and using sharing and grouping. The children will be learning the words dividend, divisor and quotient to describe the number sentences. If you have the number sentence 10 ÷ 2 = 5. The dividend is the number being divided (10), the divisor is the number you divide by (2) and the quotient is number of items in each group (5). We will also be continuing our work on the Great Fire of London writing descriptions of how the fire spread so quickly and thinking about how the fire was put out. We will be continuing our work on drawing Tudor houses in Art.