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Meadowdale Primary School


Design and Technology

Design and Technology Curriculum Overview:

D&T Subject Overview.pdf


Girl using a saw to cut a rodAll of our pupils acquire an in depth understanding of the DESIGN / MAKE / EVALUATE process. This, combined with the development of a range of skills linked to each of the six D&T areas, allows our children to work creatively and authentically on our chosen range of projects.   

Our D&T curriculum is created from the D&T Association’s ‘Projects on a Page’ (POAP) planning resource.  This tool was chosen because it ensures our children receive D&T lessons that are authentic and purposeful. It also helps us to provide the pupils with complete clarity about what D&T is. Moreover, POAP ensures pupils are regularly engaged in the 3 types of lessons (see below) which will ensure their experience of D&T is comprehensive.  

The 3 types of activity are:  

  1. Investigative and Evaluative Activities  
  2. Focused tasks  
  3. Design, Make and Evaluate Assignments  

Projects on a Page facilitates the coverage of the 6 areas of D&T, as detailed in the National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2. Progression in each aspect is ensured through carefully planned links between the separate year group units. The 6 areas are:  

  • Cooking and Nutrition  
  • Structures  
  • Mechanisms  
  • Textiles  
  • Electrical Systems  
  • Computer programming  

Projects on a Page also allows us to incorporate the 6 principles of D&T into our curriculum. These principles ensure consideration of:  

  • User  
  • Purpose  
  • Innovation  
  • Authenticity  
  • Functionality  
  • Design Decisions