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Meadowdale Primary School



Music Curriculum Overview:

MUSIC Subject Overview.pdf


All children will experience the delights and disciplines of music through a demanding and rich curriculum, which will enable them to appreciate and understand a broad repertoire: from the Western Classical tradition and the works of the musical giants of the past, to the best popular music and music from around the world, while also equipping them with the technical skills and creativity to compose and perform.  

Each year group follows a variety of projects, from the Charanga scheme of work, which supports all the requirements of the national curriculum. We have chosen this scheme because it is ideal for specialist and non-specialist teachers, providing clear progression and engaging, exciting resources for every lesson. 

In time, we will transition to the new Model Music Curriculum, also through Charanga.  The Model Music Curriculum (MMC) sets out sequences of learning in the following key areas which, when taken together, all contribute towards the steadily increasing development of musicianship: 

  • Singing; 
  • Listening; 
  • Composing and 
  • Performing/Instrumental Performance.  

The MMC explores how musical techniques and skills can be nurtured and developed in all pupils, through all Key Stages. It recognises that such skills may be expressed instrumentally, vocally or through music technology. The MMC takes as its starting point the ambition that every young person should be able to experience music and to make progress. This includes singing, as well as having the opportunity to learn an instrument through whole-class ensemble and small-group teaching at Key Stage 2.