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Meadowdale Primary School


Religious Education

RE Education Overview:

RE Subject Overview.pdf


Children eating challah breadAt Meadowdale, our intent for RE is to enable children to become inquisitive, accepting, mindful individuals who express an understanding and insight of the rich and diverse world we live in. Our RE curriculum will provide children with the opportunities and experiences to investigate a range of religions and world views.  

At Meadowdale we follow the Leicestershire Agreed Syllabus.  

Pupils will identify and explain the core beliefs and concepts studied, using examples from texts/sources of authority in religions.   

Pupils will make clear connections between what people believe and how they live, individually and in communities and be able to use evidence and examples, to show how and why people put their beliefs into practice in different ways, e.g. in different communities, denominations or cultures.  

Pupils will make connections between the beliefs and practices studied, evaluating and explaining their importance to different people (e.g. believers and atheists) and  reflect on and articulate lessons people might gain from the beliefs/practices studied, including their own responses, recognising that others may think differently.  

Pupils will consider and weigh up how ideas studied relate to their own experiences and experiences of the world today, developing insights of their own and giving good reasons for the views they have and the connections they make.