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Meadowdale Primary School


Modern Foreign Languages

At Meadowdale French is taught by a specialist teacher to all of our Key Stage 2 children in blocks across the year. Key Stage 1 children have the opportunity to take part in a fun after school club to introduce them to learning a new language. 

We use a range of activities to support children’s learning including games, songs, stories, puppets and role play, and actions and visual cues to reinforce memory of new vocabulary. Our teaching covers a range of topics including greetings, counting, colours, celebrations, clothes, pets and family.

We build children’s confidence to say, read and write words, phrases and sentences, to ask and answer questions and give opinions. Lessons are reflective, encouraging children to draw on their previous language experience and skills to embed new learning.

We want to foster a curiosity and enthusiasm for language learning and the opportunity to develop an understanding of other countries and cultures.

We are delighted that our school has a link with a partner school in Strasbourg as this means that each child from Year 4 onwards has a pen friend who they can write to and exchange information with about school, hobbies, birthdays etc. This is a great ‘real life’ opportunity to use the French we have been learning.