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Meadowdale Primary School


Modern Foreign Languages


MFL Curriculum Overview:

23.24 FRENCH Subject Overview.pdf


At Meadowdale, our children will be curious and enthusiastic language learners. They will reinforce and reinterpret their knowledge and understanding of how language works and reflect on the similarities and differences between languages. Children will have a tool belt of skills to build their confidence to say, read and write words and sentences, to ask and answer questions and give opinions. They will develop their intercultural understanding and respect for others, recognising that they are part of a wider world community.     

French is taught by a specialist teacher as a discrete subject across Key Stage 2. 

Planning is based on the Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work and complemented with additional high-quality materials to provide clear progression within a broad, relevant and engaging curriculum that meets the requirements of the National Curriculum programme of study.   We use a range of multi-sensory teaching approaches to support new learning and to ensure that children can recall and consolidate prior learning. 

Lessons are reflective, encouraging children to notice, to ask questions, to give their own ideas and reasoning, and to make connections between new and already familiar vocabulary and language structures.   

Our teaching provides the foundation for children to feel ready to continue their language learning journey into Key Stage 3 and to see this as a key to opening doors to culture, travel and careers in the future.