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Meadowdale Primary School




Good mathematical understanding and becoming numerate from an early age makes a firm foundation for life.All children have a daily mathematics lesson which lasts between 45 minutes and one hour depending on how old the children are.  Children will spend time on a range of activities and tasks with lots of mental maths and group time.  At the start of the lesson the children practise their skills with mental work.  Then the area of work is introduced to the class and followed up with individual or group work.  At the end of the lesson the class come back together to review what they have done or sort out any problems.

The children are taught all aspects of calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).  They will also learn about shape, money, algebra, measurement and handling data.

It is important that the children can relate their mathematical skills to everyday life.  They are given many opportunities to do this - for example a class shop, or planning and costing an event - so they can become confident mathematicians, with a strong awareness of how mathematics is around us everywhere and is an essential life skill.


In Science the pupils are acquiring and understanding key scientific concepts.  

Their skills are developed by observing, questioning, measuring, making and testing hypotheses, and planning and carrying out investigations.We are able to use our grounds and the local environment as an aid in the natural science work.  The children learn about plant and animal life, conservation, and caring for their environment.  They will also learn about human life, including their similarities, differences, nutrition, digestion and healthy living.

In physical science the children are taught about different materials (natural and man-made), and other areas such as: electricity, magnetism, forces, sound, light, weather and the solar system.

Design & Technology

Technology provides pupils with the opportunity to develop logical thinking alongside practical construction skills. 

A wide variety of activities enable the children to design, make and evaluate a product.  They will work with a range of materials and components and learn to use various tools, materials and techniques.  Tasks may include making a fruit salad, designing and making a puppet or making a scale model. Children in Upper KS2 have the opportunity to go to a technology day at Robert Smyth Academy.


Computing prepares pupils to engage and learn from a rapidly changing world dominated by emerging technology.

Children will be taught to use technology to develop their ideas and research skills, record their creative work and decide what information is appropriate for their task.  They will learn how to amend their work and present it in a way that suits its audience.  They will be taught how to:

• word-process, make a spreadsheet and create and interrogate a database

• search for information using the Internet

• programme a controllable device, understand what an algorithm is and write simple programs

• use data monitoring equipment

• communicate with others through e-mail, simple presentations, film-making and pod-casting

• use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly.

At Meadowdale we have an air conditioned computer suite with computers for each child in a class and Windows 10 computers in each classroom, which are all networked together. We also have Macbooks, iPod Touches and iPads, floor robots, cameras and programmable Lego.  Wireless Internet is available throughout the school.  All Internet connections are protected by a content-filtering firewall to ensure the children are safe.